At Hilary & Alice we love handcrafted, individual and unique home, giftware and furniture

Mixing old with new, giving tired furniture a new lease of life and accessorising our houses to make them homes.

We work on a wide range of large and small real wood furniture which is refreshed, upcycled or repurposed, and can commission projects on an individual basis or on a larger scale. If you are looking to update a single chair or a whole house full of furniture we can deliver style, creativity and most importantly, a unique look which perfectly matches your home. Or you could just pick something we’ve already created!

Our home and giftware is the perfect accompaniment to the larger pieces of furniture – individual, quality and sometimes a little bit quirky. From cushions and throws to lamps and lighting, you’ll find the finishing touches to your home as well as gifts for people special to you, all at our gorgeous shop (and workshop!) in Diss.

If you come to see us you will be able to see the work in progress, furniture is hand painted and refreshed at our shop so you can see the quality of work as it progresses. We only use the highest quality materials to create the perfect finish; Frenchic® Furniture Paint and high end wall papers as well as some handy additions learned over the years of stripping and hand painting our furniture (household cutlery are very handy tools!).

We offer a number of services as well as the products we sell from the Hilary and Alice and online shops:

Commission hand painting of your own furniture pieces.

Individual piece source and commission – if you have an awkward space to fill, or are searching for a particular piece of furniture in a certain colour scheme, we will find the furniture and hand paint it for you to suit your home style and theme.

Upcoming workshop: browse through our furniture stock which we are yet to create magic with, and if you see a piece you like we will work with you to design it to your personal taste.

Upholstering: refresh dining room chairs for a fraction for the cost of new ones, and exactly match the colour scheme of your dining room.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words, so look at our Photo Gallery for inspiration and style of work we produce.

Who are Hilary & Alice?

Hilary & Alice are my wonderful and lovely Nannies! A pair of strong and driven women who have been amazing role models to me and inspired me to be resilient and creative in equal measures! Nanny Alice loved to cook and bake, and had a discipline to her creative flair like no other. She made the most fabulous wedding cakes and family lunches. Nanny Hilary had the most eclectic collection of ‘stuff’ in her house, as a child I loved searching through her button jar and marvelling at her amazing pictures and ornaments. Even better, we were allowed to touch everything! Nanny Hilary loved a tassel – she had (and still has!) tassels on everything!

These amazing women have influenced my life and inspired me to do what others only ever think about. In homage to them, Hilary & Alice was born.

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